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My BlogDaddy may think it's funny, but here are today's two things that stand my hair on end with regard to the TSA:

This quote by a TSA agent on so called pat-downs, for those of you who still believe that it's innocuous and no big deal.
"You're not going to like it," a TSA agent told correspondent Jeffrey Goldberg of The Atlantic. "Nobody's going to do it once they find out (what) we're going to do."
And the fact that TSA agents are now putting their hands down fliers' pants:

Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano said Monday that the agency has an "open ear" to any "adjustments" to security measures in place at the nation's airports, as some groups and individuals continued to call for a boycott of full-body scanning machines that they complain are invasive....

But, she said, "if there are adjustments we need to make to these procedures as we move forward, we have an open ear. We will listen."Sure. Listening costs nothing. But that doesn't mean she intends to change one freaking thing about the procedures, unless it's to make them even more invasive.
I'm with Michael Graham, who says:
Napolitano says it’s vital to our security, though nobody can point to a single attack foiled by this fondling. She insists this is a key part of their “layered” approach to air safety.

OK, fine, Janet. I’ll do it. Only, you go first.

I want you to zip over to Reagan National and, on live cable TV, go through the full body scan - with the images available for broadcast and our review. Since it’s no big deal and it’s all for security, I’m sure you won’t mind setting the suck-it-up example.

And after that, you can step over to the personal screening area for what you euphemistically call a “pat-down.” We’ll all watch as a female TSA employee does to you what she did to American grandmothers over this weekend.

I’ll do whatever the TSA says, and without complaint, as soon as I see Janet Napolitano do it. Until then, I’m fighting back.

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