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I got an urgent email from LL today:
I know I haven't talked to you in forever, but I'm asking a huge favor. I sit on the board of a charity called America's Wounded Heroes. You can check the temporary website here:


The charter and our mission is in there. Also a donation page, which would be great if people donated, but all I'm really asking is for TWO MINUTES OF TIME right now!!

Anyway, we're in a contest to win some money for our charity and we DESPERATELY need votes to stay ahead! Could you please vote and maybe pass the url around to your friends to vote??

You have to register (free) and all you provide is a user name, password, and email address. After that, there is a page collecting personal information like name, address, etc, but you do NOT have to fill that out. You just scroll down to the bottom and click that you don't want any email updates and submit. Then you can vote.

You can find the contest here:


And we're the 8th one down...AMERICA'S WOUNDED HEROES.

Please help!!

Thanks so much for your time,
The cool thing about America's Wounded Heroes is that it includes services for police, firemen, EMTs and others, in addition to wounded Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen and Marines. Go vote. Your voice does count here.

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GUYK said...

Thanks Leslie. I am gonna post it in the morning. Glad to help a good cause