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Okay, this is just seriously yucky. And another one of those job titles you never wished for as a kid....

There's an online memorial for victims of the Minnesota bridge collapse here.

God, what a tragedy.

This, on the other hand, is the good news of the day.

Much as I believe that O.J. Simpson is scum, I have to say I agree with him here.

Why don't these people all just back away from the spotlight... permanently?


Anonymous said...

OJ sucks. They should have freid him.

Anonymous said...

I'm pretty cynical about the way this was reported. Not enough information. To satisfy how much of the judgement? What was the $ ammount? How was that determined? Are the Goldmans planning on publishing and profiting from the book? According to this article, they only won the rights to ownership. If the Goldmans publish and distribute this book for profit...then yes...I will conceed the hypocricy.

But, yes, like Cat, I think OJ got away with murder.