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Still not convinced that the Chinese are not our friends? Here's today's lineup of recalls and other related stuff:
Ah, yes! The trustworthy Chinese. Just so we're crystal clear how much they love us:
Mattel has only itself to blame for a huge toy recall that has stoked global alarm about Chinese-made goods, state media said on Thursday, charging that a slew of foreign safety scares had exposed a protectionist agenda.
You see?
"If it comes down to blame, then it all lies with the U.S. side," the paper said of the Mattel magnet recall, noting that the problem was a design defect. "The Chinese manufacturer only produced according to those specifications."
Yes, indeed -- it's all our fault.

Boycott Chinese products. Check labels. Hit'em in the pocketbooks, won't you?

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Desert Cat said...

The problem is how many products are just not even manufactured anywhere else anymore. If you're serious enough about it, you might end up having to go without buying many things.

It used to be Walmart made a big deal about their efforts to find and promote American manufactured products. Even they seem to have given that up starting about 5 years ago.