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With all of the publicity about the pedophile priests in the Catholic church, you'd think folks would learn a lesson, but... nooooooooooooooo. Some nutball preacher thinks it's okay to bring not one, but two multiple sex offenders into his church and put them in positions of responsibility.

A second convicted sex offender was invited into a worship role at a southwest suburban Southern Baptist church, where Jeff Hannah, a multiple sex offender, had been preaching with the church's blessing since being paroled from prison in 2001, the Chicago Sun-Times has learned.

Hannah, 42, who had sexual relations with four teens while youth minister at a Lake County church, invited his neighbor, Bryan Buckley, to lead special music at a Sept. 9 celebration service at First Baptist Church in Romeoville, according to Buckley and church officials.

Yes, I believe in paying the consequences for your actions. Yes, I believe in forgiveness. No, on the other hand -- I don't believe in forgetting, especially when there are children involved.

Hannah and the Rev. Charles Hamby, the church's pastor, abruptly resigned last week after the Sun-Times began asking questions. Hamby said Sunday that he saw nothing wrong with putting two child molesters into worship roles.

"We're a church that believes in grace and redemption," he said.

Christa Brown, founder of StopBaptistPredators.org, said she believes that God can change hearts, but only God can know if a person has truly changed.

"Churches shouldn't take a blind eye; the risk to kids is too great," she said.

(Emphasis mine)

Good on you, Ms. Brown.

Still not convinced to boycott all products from China until they tighten up their manufacturing and export requirements? Try this and this. Read the labels on everything. If it says "Made in China," just say NO.

If it is wrong to use vouchers to simply subsidize parochial schools, then this is even more wrong. Islam is religion. Separation of church and state, anyone?

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