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Yes, it's been a crazy week... softened by the early arrival of my pal Shoe on Wednesday evening.

I picked her up at O'Hare and drove her straight up to the joint where I moonlight on the weekends. Jimmy himself was manning the grill and serving up kebobs, burgers and other goodies for staff, friends of the restaurant and family. Good food, good drinks, good peeps. After a few a few pops and some great conversation, I drove her into the city to her hotel.

Yesterday, she dragged my sorry butt off for a cocktail and a quick bite to eat after I worked a 10.5 hour day. Stressed? Yes. But not so much after spending a few minutes (um.... hours?) with a good friend. Now she knows where we go for Therapy Nights. Anyhow, good pal that she is, she saw me off to my train and cabbed it back to her hideout.

Tonight, we're meeting for a brief cocktail out on the patio at this joint. Rumor has it that Mullet Boy and Oddybobo may be joining us there. Then we're piling into my little ride and heading off to Midway airport to pick up my absolute favorite RedNeck on the planet.

Here's where plans are still hazy -- I'm not sure whether Zonker and Oddy are riding with Shoe, 'Neck and I, or if they have other transport. Ah, well! I've fit more people, pets and paraphernalia into less space than you can imagine more than once in the past. Flexibility is my middle name.

After Midway, we're straight off to the Ogmeet.

Thank God. I really needed a vacation, even if it is only about 25 minutes away from home.

See you there?

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Erica said...


Hugs to Teresa, chou, Zonker, you, and anyone else I may know ('cause there are tons of peeps who I don't, so be selective. I don't give the love to just anybody.)

Have a good time, don't do anything I wouldn't (which basically leaves you everything).