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I'm only biting because a bunch of the cool chicks are doing this one:

Your Porn Star Name Is...

Sweetest Sin


You are Totally Realistic

"Romance" means you're about to roll your eyes.

Seriously, you can do without the sap or drama -- save it for someone who has nothing really going on in their relationship

For you, love is real - and easily integrated into your life.

You don't need candles, flowers, or chocolates to know he's the one -- just some stimulating conversation... and maybe a great smile.


(A tip of the cap to BabsRN for this one and the next two, as well.)

Your Celebrity Boob Twin:

Lucy Lawless


You Communicate Like a Man

When you communicate, you like to get to the point.

You're not afraid to say what's on your mind - and leave it at that.

Talking about your emotions drains you. You rather keep them to yourself.

You prefer solving problems to wallowing in your sorrows.


Apparently Livey's computer finally bit the big one. A blogger without a computer is a scary, scary thing, and Livey, who lives on a restricted income, just doesn't have the cash to run right out and get a replacement.

Livey has a big heart and has been more than generous to others in the blogosphere -- just ask K or Nancy or Kellie. I sure hope others will be as generous to her.

If you can spare a buck or two, please drop by Northwoods Woman and hit her PayPal button.

Bloggers helping bloggers. It's a beautiful thing. Thanks a million!


Maeve said...

Oh lucky ME.
Anna Nicole Smith is my boob twin!

k said...

Leslie, thank you. I've been afraid of this for a long time. I think a lot of us have.

It's just awful to see. I'm SO glad you understand.

We're online for now with my little laptop. But Livey can't get into her email and other things with it; she's forgotten a lot of passwords. She also may have lost some really valuable photos and so forth. But we'll see what can be recovered.

LadyGunn said...

Great. My boob twin is Pam Anderson. That is just so very wrong.