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Tammi isn't nuts about bachelorette parties.

Me neither, especially after the last one where two of my sister's bridesmaids decided that we should all get tickets to "Naked Boys Singing." And not just any tickets, but front row seats.

While most of the girls were goggle-eyed at the wildly bobbling (at eye level) dangly bits, I was enjoying the story line of the play.

It's naked gay guys. Singing, dancing, naked gay guys. Exuberant singing, dancing, naked gay guys. A bunch of 'em.

(Betcha can't get that image out of your brain for the rest of the day!)

I'm a straight female.

There was nothing there for me to get excited about. But, somehow or other, the bridesmaids all found this fascinating and hilarious.

Ugh! Amateur hour. (The girls, not the actors.)

No. More. Bachelorette. Parties. Ever.


Anonymous said...

You mean you're not gonna invite me to stop by and shake my moneymaker atcha? (hell, every PART of me shakes but the Buns of Steel)

Omnibabe said...

Hey! Don't be going all Brokeback on me here. I said the bobbling dangly bits of a gay male had no appeal. I said nothing of the kind about the bits of a straight male...

Table dance at the next blogmeet? I'll even bring a couple of $20's to slip in your tuck-a-buck!

Anonymous said...

You don't want to do that much damage to your retinas, believe me.

Omnibabe said...


Anonymous said...

Oh, believe me, I am not afraid. You will be, though. You will be.