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Friday Cat Blogging

Og is giving me grief for cat blogging. Obviously, he hasn't forgiven me for calling him a big chicken. But, being the swell gal that I am, I'm not going to rub it in that not only is Ellison cat blogging:

Only I will be kind enough to spare him the cute kitties today. I'd really like to get him some aura spray to improve his mood, but he'll have to settle a few more photos of the big cats from Turpentine Creek Wildlife Refuge... a real hardship, I know.

Don't forget to stop by the Friday Ark. And the Carnival of the Cats will be up Sunday evening at Bloggin' Outloud.

Update: Even James the Old and Evil is cat blogging. Heh!


Anonymous said...

I got your catblogging right here.


Lyn said...

Bienvenidos al 100th Carnival de los Gatos! We had over 50 submissions. Enjoy all the links along with some Feline Facts and early Carnival Flashbacks at Bloggin' Outloud.