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Friday Cat Blogging

I recently visited Turpentine Creek Wildlife Refuge, just south of Eureka Springs, Arkansas. The good folks there are doing some amazing things for big cats.

This guy is a Tiglon. He was caged his entire life before he arrived at TCWR. The problem with this hybrid, and with Ligers, is that they tend to have a lot of physical problems -- and he is no exception. He has bone cancer. But he'll live out the rest of his life in the comfort of an outdoor habitat.

The keepers told us that when the door to his cage opened and he stepped into his new habitat... he smiled. I don't know about you, but that really choked me up.

I understand that these animals are beautiful -- but I don't understand how anyone would be idiot enough to think they'd make good pets, and it infuriates me that so many of them are so easily disposed of when they get too big to handle.

They're gorgeous... and they belong in nature, not somebody's basement or back yard.

Many of the animals at TCWR are awaiting new habitats. TCWR is going on my donation list this year.

I'd love to go back for a PhotoWild session, or a stay at the bed and breakfast on site.

Anybody else interested?


Don't forget to stop by and visit the Friday Ark. In addition, the Carnival of the Cats will be up Sunday evening at Watermark. Be sure and visit there, too.



Anonymous said...

There is a wild cat refuge in Tampa that I want to go to. It's called "Wild Life on Easy Street." (www.wildlifeoneasystreet.com)

I would love to hang out with big kitties all day. They are simply beautiful.

Pammy said...

I loooove Eureka Springs and the surrounding area. But I'd never heard of this place...hafta check it out the next time we go.

Anonymous said...

OO! Kitties! :-)

Richmond said...

Gorgeous pictures. And I always love an animal rescue story....

Anonymous said...

Next trip down that way, I'm checking that park out. Don't care much for small cats (sorry), but I love the big cats...

Jay said...

Is it really called turpentine creek?

Anonymous said...

It's mean to try and domesticate them--or any big animal--in the first place. Nothing should live in a cage or fenced in area. Including fish.