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Quote of the day:

"Y'all know damn well that if I'd been able to be so cold hearted as to say, 'That's it kids, the fish are being flushed! This is a Fish Free Zone!', the whole damn family would have ended up in group therapy in 20 years."
The Princess Mom would heartily approve.

This is why I wish Richmond lived about two doors down from me. The woman rocks.

Laurence Simon asks the cats, what "PUBH" stands for.

The Divine Miss Marilyn says, "Plumptuously-Bottomed Unmatchable Hunk. And he's MINE, no matter what Tiger Boots may think!"

Update: Hey! She's a cat in love. Nobody ever said she could keep her letters straight.


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Richmond said...

Thanks, Leslie -- it would be nice to do coffee a couple days a week for sure... ;)