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Don't forget to tune in to the WGN lunch break this Friday! I'll be showing off three lovely cats to promote the Lincoln State Cat Club show coming up this weekend.

BTW -- Want the greatest toys, trees, grooming products, foods, etc. available for your cat? Then come on down to the Oak Lawn Pavilion on Saturday or Sunday. Here's a discount coupon for you. 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Free parking, too!

My buddy Steve Dale will be doing a spot on the cat show on NBC 5 news at 6:45 a.m. this coming Friday. The Divine Miss Marilyn will be putting in a guest appearance!

Okay. Enough cats for one day. What do you think of the Westminster so far?

Working Group: I loved the Great Pyrenees! That dog has incredible presence. (My second choice would have been the Great Dane. She's a beauty, too.)

Terrier Group: What a cutie that little Norfolk Terrier Coco is. She's got a lot of pizzazz. (My second choice would have been the Lakeland Terrier. That dog has spunk written all over its little own self.)

Toy Group: I had a feeling the Peke would take the group again. This particular dog has been a hot number for the past couple of years. I just wish I could warm up to a dog that looks like the Tribble Supreme Commander. (My personal first choice would have been a toss-up between the Pom -- a jazzy little number -- and the Papillon -- whose ears really did look big enough to get him aloft.)

Non-Sporting Group: I was rooting for the Tibetan Terrier, so I'm a happy camper with this choice. (The rest of the group was nice, but my heart belongs to the Frog Dogs.)

Three more groups and Best in Show tonight! Who are YOU rooting for?

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