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So another journalist is brought down by the blogosphere and the mainstream media is still poo-pooing the bloggers? When are they going to wake up and smell the coffee? Blogs didn't get Eason Jordan fired -- hubris did.

Here's what I'd personally like to see happen:

1. The MSM finally decides they'd rather be accurate than bulletproof... because that's what the public wants... and pays attention when bloggers start pointing fingers at stories that don't pass the "smell test"

2. The blogosphere backs off the second the MSM starts picking up on and reporting on stories that "smell bad." The blogosphere becomes a no-gloating zone because the MSM recognizes our value and acts on it

3. The offending MSM reporter/news bureau does immediate, transparent and thorough due diligence on the suspect story

4. If the story is inaccurate or fabricated, the reporter/news bureau publishes/issues an immediate correction/retraction. If a fabrication, the offending reporter/producer/responsible individual is immediately terminated (if they haven't already shown the last shred of ethics and resigned). HOWEVER, if the story is revealed to be accurate and/or unfabricated, the bloggers admit mistake, bias and/or overzealous pursuit.

5. Whatever the outcome, both sides recognize and reward one another for strengthening each other's credibility

Jeeze! Can't you kids play nice together?

(BTW -- I'm with the Professor: It would be nice to see the video.)

Gag me with a spoon. It's shite like this that makes it impossible for some people to embrace the concept of a loving God.

I've got news for anyone who is suffering ("Your suffering is never useless, dear sick people. Moreover, it's a precious thing," the speech said. "If you bring together your suffering and pain, you can be his (God's) privileged helpers in the salvation of souls.")! Don't listen to that palsied bastard in the little white beanie. Listen to what this guy has to say, instead.

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