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Yesterday Acidman asked an honest question about what women want that was prompted by this post. I posted a response that I probably should have thought about for a little bit longer before pressing the "post" button, as I was a bit harsh to Gennie.

Let me explain. I've been re-singled since 1989. Yep. 1989. I really never thought I'd be divorced this long. A big part of the problem? Women who have hurt men, or given them reason to, at the least, mistrust women's motives. My female friends, for the most part, have been able to take each man they've met on a face value basis. A lot of men I know, though, are a lot like Rob in lacking any trust for women at all. And I've met a lot of Robs in my day.

So what's the big deal here? The big deal is trust, pure and simple. Once a guy loses it, it's nigh unto impossible to get it back... and you've wrecked it for the rest of us out there.

Look, on one hand, I think it's great that Gennie has a great big softie of a guy who loves her -- and that she recognizes it. On the other hand, he's entitled to his privacy about this aspect of his personality. Further, he asked her not to blog about it, and she not only ignored his wishes, she giggles about it. And she uses his name. Just because she finds it endearing, she ignores the fact that he finds it embarassing to share with the rest of the world (including any friends, family or coworkers who happen to read the blog). That's just not okay.

Gennie, a piece of advice here, girl. Take down the post. Take it down today. Do that, and you might just be the kind of woman I'd like to be friends with after all.

P.S. -- In no way, shape or form should I have lumped Gennie in with Jennifer. Big difference. My bad. And my humble apology.

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