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Book Your Ticket

I may not have read a lot of books last month, but four of them were hefty buggers:

April – 5/27
A Storm of Swords, George R.R.Martin
A Feast for Crows, George R.R. Martin
Swept Off Her Feet, Hester Browne
Reading Jackie: Her Autobiography in Books, William Kuhn
The Last Boy: Mickey Mantle and the End of America’s Childhood, Jane Leavey


El Capitan said...

I'm about 1/3 of the way through 'A Feast For Crows'. I don't expect to get a whole lot of sleep until I finish...

Omnibabe said...

I know I'm setting myself up for heartbreak again, but I just pre-ordered A Dance With Dragons. Now let's just see if it comes out on time!

InsomniacSeeker said...

Did you like the Mickey Mantle book?

Omnibabe said...

I did. Jane Leavey really did her homework, and showed The Mick as human -- warts and all.