Leslie's Omnibus

Busman's Holiday

A quick shout-out to Ellison and Chai-Rista to say thanks for keeping the engine warm for me!

Yesterday I had a magical day in Barbados. First, I got to snorkle and swim with sea turtles, one of which was almost four feet long. They are awkward on land, but elegant and breath-takingly beautiful in the water. I was having such a wonderful time that they practically had to haul me out of the water by the back of my life vest to get us to the next location on time.

Next, we headed off to an area with protected reefs for more snorkling. It was like falling into a cloud of fish. Incredibly peaceful, floating in all that beauty with no sound but the beating of my heart and even breathing.

That was followed by the most delicious rum punch ever, swilled in waters just off the beach. Decadent! I sure would like to go back for a visit, and take friends and family with me.

Finally, more emails from my Most Precious Child. It has been especially wonderful to be able to share them with the Princess Mom. If all continues to go well, it looks like we will be meeting over the Christmas holidays. I can assure you that there is a God, and he is blessing me daily.


The Meezers or Billy said...

It is most definately the Season of Miracles. - Meezer Mom Mary

Maeve said...

Pictures? Don't you have some pictures of those darling sea turtles???/

Unknown said...

Leslie, it is wonderful to read about your swims with the creatures. I hope your meeting with your girl goes equally wonderful.

Anonymous said...

*glows green with jealousy*

Anonymous said...

LOL - I'm so glad you're having such a wonderful vacay! Sounds heavenly.

One day I'll get down to the Caribbean again. *grin*