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Busman's Holiday

This might just qualify as the most hilarious holiday ever with the Princess Mom.

Yesterday, we arrived late in Curacao, due to high winds during our first two days (at sea). After having experienced moderate temperatures and high winds for a couple of days, we were delighted to find it warm and sunny in Curacao... until... the clouds burned off and the sun started beating down relentlessly. It was upwards of 100 degrees and 90+ percent humidity. This, of course, in the middle of the tackiest shopping district we've run into yet.

By the time we got back to the ship, we were overheated and pooped. Still, the Princess Mom has been on a mission to see every available show on board, so we cleaned ourselves up, put on the glitz and the glam, and headed down to dinner.

In the middle of the appetizers, the captain came over the intercom to announce that one of the ship's generators had gone out of service, and that we would not be pulling out of port until it was repaired. What he didn't mention was that it was the generator that powers the onboard air conditioning.

Dinner soon got to be an uncomfortable affair, as the fuller the dining room became, the higher the temperature rose. All the ladies were glowing, in the most southern belle sense of the word.

Still, the Princess Mom insisted she wanted to see "Le Magnifique," so off we went to stake out seats early. The theater was even more closely packed than the restaurant, and by the time the show was over, we were
"glowing" like Three Mile Island.

By that time, we were too tired and wrung out to even think about whooping it up, so we headed back to our cabin with its tiny veranda. Halfway down the hallway I looked at Mom and teasingly said, "Let's go get naked and sit on the balcony."

Her reply? "I don't know about naked, but I'll do it in my undies."

Yup. Me and the Princess Mom in nuttin' but our skivvies, full makeup and all our bling, sitting in the starlight and laughing like hyenas.



Unknown said...

Sounds like a blast (except for the heat!)

Hope you're "cooler" today.

Northwoods Woman said...

LOL I can see it now! Thanks for the visual! Glad you are having a 'hot' time! hehe.

Anonymous said...

What a riot!! Sounds like something my Mom would have done!! We used to vacation together all the time. You're a lucky lady, take good care of her.