Leslie's Omnibus

Tootin' the Horn

Holy guacamole! The Rosily Thunderous One is also having a birthday!

Business in the front; party in the rear. All bow before the birthday mullet!

One of my favorite people in the whole wide world is having a birthday!

Send him some zombie birthday love, will you?

(Sorry I missed the party, Dude. No one regrets that more than I...)

More birthday shout-outs to the most super fantastic shoe blogger in the blogsphere:

Stop by and send him birthday besos, and tell him the Bus Driver sent you!


Unknown said...

It was also Jim at Parkway Reststop's birthday. DAMN - is October national Blogger Birthday month! No fair, mines' not til next month!

Anonymous said...

.. thanks, Leslie... you were missed!... it was a great party...


Anonymous said...

Why all these October babies? It's cold in January. Not much else to do, ya know?

Thanks for the birthday wishes, Leslie!