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I don't know whether I should be flattered or frightened to be number one on this list.

Shhhh! Don't tell my BlogDaddy about this! It's just cruel to take some of his favorite kinds of health foods, freeze them and put them on a stick. Cruel, I'm telling you!

Grrrrrrrr!!! Blogger's new beta version apparently doesn't like Mozilla Firefox (at least not at Erica's joint), but works just fine in Microsoft Internet Explorer.

On top of that, now the Munuvian weblogs (at least for Bou, Harvey and T1G) appear to intermitently utilize Klingon punctuation in Firefox, while once again performing admirably in Explorer.

Would someone please take out a cluebat and whack the good folks at Google upside the head? They need to work out all the bugs before they unleash the new beta version. And they need to quit fooling the hell around with the old version at the same time. Arghhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!


Erica said...

Mu.nu. did it to SWG's yesterday, too ...

Btw, re: "... They need to work out all the bugs before they unleash the new beta version. ..."

Amen, sistah.

Anonymous said...

I don't know what happened. And I don't see where its going to be fixed. All my past posts were infected with teh squigglys. Its so frustrating.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I'm totally confused about this whole Google beta thing. I know that Google now owns Blogger, and although I have a Blogger account so I can comment on Blogger blogs, does it matter if I sign in on Google? Maybe they're getting too big for their britches.

amarkonmywall said...

I'd be a little anxious about being at the top of that hit parade, but that's just me.

jakejacobsen said...

Had to steal the Jimmah Dean picture cuz, damn!

Hey how you doing girl?

Anonymous said...

... it was a corruption... I managed to fix most of it on my blog....