Leslie's Omnibus


Remember that train wreck I mentioned yesterday? I am forced, ladies and gents, to eat those words. Liza Minelli looked fabulous, sounded fabulous -- hell, she even danced and sang fabulously, and those weren't scheduled events!

Some bits and pieces gleaned from the interview?

"I guess you could say I got my drive from my mother and my dreams from my dad."

"I don't know what posessed me to wait 8 years to get my first hip replacement. I want to say to every one of you out there, if you need to have it done, get it done right away!"

When asked what, as a child, she had wanted to be when she grew up? "I always wanted to be an ice skater!"

Did you know she had severe scoliosis as a child? "I don't stand this way because I'm posing like I'm dancing for Bob Fosse -- I stand this way so I can expand my rib cage for better lung capacity so I can breathe better."

She left home for summer stock dance opportunities on Broadway -- and never went home or took a cent from her parents ever again.

She's TINY.

If I could make a deal with the Devil to get great gams like hers... I might just reconsider my Christian upbringing -- for a second, anyway.

36 years ago, her father received the very same award.

From the brief clips we say, her upcoming movie, "The OH in Ohio," looks like it will be hilarious! (Hint -- Watch for the scene with the the "Velvet Volcano". You'll laugh -- I guarantee!)

I'm glad I went. She's made a real fan out of me!


Unknown said...

I'm glad you enjoyed it. Do you know how many homosexual men you've made jealous? ;)

Pammy said...

Ya know, despite the "trainwreck" that's she seems to have made of her life, I've always liked her. Glad you had such a good time!

Anonymous said...

Hey, she has a great voice, and a wonderful set of legs. My god, I think i may be a litle gay.

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