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Giggle of the Day:

(A tip of the cap to the guys at The Awesomer. They truly are.)

Apparently the manlier sex has its answer to vajazzling -- baldazzling. I don't know if I'd be willing to be seen in public with a human disco ball, personally:

(And, yes -- Phil is a total head case.)

Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrgh! See what I'm missing!!!

(Yeah, yeah. I am glad to hear 'Pup is up and around.)

Quote of the Day:

(Brainz. She need'zm.)

This made me bust a gut. Especially the tilty gay head on this little item.

What can I say? I took my baby sister and a friend to see him for her 16th birthday. It was a BIG DEAL to her at the time. Every teeny bopper in the room screamed and reached out, trying to be the one girl he invited on stage to dance to this song:

(Hi, Sis!) Nope. I can guarantee she wouldn't do that today.

(Sorry. Giddy Fan Girl moment. She's a favorite character of mine.)

My daughter really ought to be shaking in her boots.

I just sent this bit of naughtiness to a 12-year-old who accidentally set himself aflame earlier this year. (Fortunately, his mother has nerves of steel and a houseful of boys, and his father likes things that go "boom!" as well as things that go "vrrrrrrrrrroooooooooooooooom!")

Just imagine what I'll send my grandson when he's that age!


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