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Heard about this CD box set on Nick Digilio's show (which, BTW, was an absolute free-for-all at the tail end of the evening) during his interview with Jeff Tuckman last night, and I'm thinking it might just make a dandy birthday gift for my baby brother, who grew up wearing cowboy suits and cowboy boots and carrying cap-gun six-shooters:
This compilation of rare and in some cases, never before seen television programs from the golden age of Hollywood represents the largest assortment of TV shows ever released! Relive your childhood or discover a truly unique brand of entertainment for the first time with 600 Episodes to choose from! Enjoy over 265 hours of family friendly entertainment with over 40 exceptional shows spanning the last six decades!

Shows include: Bonanza, Wagon Train, The Rifleman, The Lone Ranger, Dusty's Trail, The Cisco Kid, Annie Oakley and many more!

Stars include: Roy Rogers, Henry Fonda, Bob Denver, Lorne Greene, Michael Landon, Jackie Coogan, Forrest Tucker, Gabby Hayes, Lash LaRue, Clayton Moore, Buddy Ebsen, Tim conway, Chuck Connors, Dale Evans and many more!
What do you think?

And, thank's to Nick's Facebook page, I ran across this NSFW site that will require eye bleach when you're through.


Quote of the Day:
"This is a Last Days type of thing, right? Didn't the Romans reveal a Double Down before they fell?"
Og also has an opinion on the Double Down. Mmmmmm! Gravy!

Hah! I'm fashionable. So there.

(Therefore it's all MY fault?)

Those who know me know I'm not into the whole Green/Global Warming/Sky Is Falling/We're All Gonna Die movement. And I'm not. However, I really hate waste -- and packaging waste in particular. Thus, I think this packaging by PUMA is brilliant:

And I think PUMA's going to make a lot of money off the intellectual property behind that packaging. A lot.


(A tip of the cap to those amazing folks at The Awesomer.)

I've got a pot of this yummy rice & bean-y goodness bubbling on the stove. I'm not sharing, either.

It's a good thing I didn't realize old George was going to be at Comic Con to read from A Dance with Dragons... because I'd have probably gone down there, kidnapped him and gone all Kathy Bates on his ass until he finished the damned book.

The man has toyed with my affections for far too long.

Amtrak Auto Train? What an utterly cool way to travel!

You Are Disturbingly Profound
You're contemplative, thoughtful, and very intense.
Taking time to figure out the meaning of life is a priority for you.
Because you're so introspective, you often react in ways that surprise people.
No one can really understand how you are on the inside... and that disturbs them.

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