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Okay, I lied. Blame it on my Barstool Blog Son, but you've got to go here for a little "Cooking with Peeps." And, whatever you do, do not miss this link to the biggest sugar bomb of all time -- the Easter Turducken.

If you live in Cook County, IL, I think this is great news:
Forrest Claypool is about to take the biggest risk of his political career. On Tuesday, this columnist has learned, he will declare war on his own Democratic Party and announce that he is running — as an independent — for assessor of Cook County in November against Joseph Berrios.
It takes a lot of guts to buck the Democratic party in this state. I, for one, will be voting for Claypool. He's always been a stand-up guy.

Ear Worm of the Day:


Speaking of good news, I let out a hearty "HUZZAH!" when I saw this news:
The co-founder of the Studio 54 nightclub in New York has purchased the Ambassador East hotel and its famous Pump Room restaurant.

Hotel investor Ian Schrager closed on the approximately $25 million deal Thursday, sources said. It amounted to a short sale -- a lender taking less for the property than it was owed.

The 285-room hotel at 1301 N. State Parkway has seen business slip the last few years. Schrager has promised to renovate the property and to restore the Pump Room to prominence.

What ever happened to creativity? Originality? Certainly it's lacking in Hollywood if this summer's lineup is any indication. (Excepting for Dreamworks and Pixar animated movies, that is. Those are worth seeing.)

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