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Illegal Parking

On weekend nights I park myself on the couch and listen to Nick Digilio on WGN Radio.

Why? (Aside from the fact that I still haven't brought the television home, that is...)

Well, for example, give a listen here. I just about fell off the couch laughing as the tears rolled down my face listening to Nick enjoy the hell out of his own humor.

Also, Nick always goes down the Yahoo Buzz list on Fridays, and usually doesn't have a clue why celebrities have made the list that week so he asks for his listeners to call in, tweet or post answers to Facebook.

(I answer a question raised on that particular episode on his Facebook page here. And I still can't believe I knew answer to that question, much less publicly admitted and published it.)

Yeah, maybe it's a bit eccentric... but I get Nick, his producer Andy Hermann (Hi, Andy!), news anchor/rock guru Paula Cooper, traffic reporter Ted Novak, the people who call in, including that old sweetheart Larry from Aurora... and then there's the Facebook crowd and the Twitter community...

Who needs a date? This crew is infinitely more entertaining. (It's a little bit like naked midget wrestling -- you know it's politically incorrect, but you just can't help but watch... or laugh yourself silly.)

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