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I didn't realized Simon's Cat had a book...

(Ooooo, look! New video I haven't seen before!)

...so, when I found out he did, I bought it.

And, in the course of my purchase of said book through Amazon, I came across this book, which has had me in stitches for the past hour.

Best quote so far?

I think Eben and Snooch's book may have to go visit Miles, Sammy, Billy and Nicholas Fuzzypants' mom... who'll be charged with finding the next purrson who'll find it hilarious and passing it on (or purrring it forward, if you like).

In the meantime, go read a bit of Eben and Snooch here.


BTW -- This just convinces me there's an afterlife and that somehow Old Crankypants has crossed back through the ether to whisper in somebody's ear:

funny pictures of cats with captions
see more Lolcats and funny pictures

Yup. Pure Rob humor. Or maybe just pure Rob...

One more thing: Go here and read, go here to register and then here daily through the 30th and vote daily. Dying is hard enough. Being separated from a beloved pet can cause all sorts of unnecessary agitation, and having one by your side can be better than just about any drug.

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