Leslie's Omnibus

Boots 'n Bluebonnets 'n BlownStars


'Pup is in the hospital, and Miss Nancy and I are going to have to reschedule our get-together. I don't know which of us is the most disappointed. (And, yes -- my bottom lip is stuck out so far you could land a big ol' birdie on it at the moment.)

I'll get there for the wild flowers next year for sure.

In the meantime, say a prayer for 'Pup's quick recovery, please!


Nancy said...

My lip is also stuck out far enough for a plane to land on it. I will go out driving and take as many pictures for you as I can.


PS: doc says he's responding well to the antibiotics, and will be going home before the weekend.


El Capitan said...

Quel dommage! (Which in Texian means DAGNABBIT!!)

Hope to see you real soon!

Word verification: sneutsym, as in "I had a sneutsym when I learned Leslie would not be visiting!"

da Pup said...

The Pup's tail is draggin' thru the weeds. Everytime he sits up to "get on da Bus", his back yells Ouch. The antibiotics have done wonders and da Pup actually looks forward to getting yet another dose.
The staff at N. Cypress Medical Hospital -I think-

da Pup said...

Part II - I posted cuz Nancy lost her connect - was afraid I mite also. My comment was to be about the staff - they are here to help THE PATIENTS - they know/love that fact and are constantly asking "is there Anything else I can do" for you or your wife?? A big diff from prior hosp. visits!!

kerrcarto said...

I posted some pictures of dad's yard for you over at our place.