Leslie's Omnibus

Another Sign...

... of Spring!

The nest is on this piling...

... which is in an ideal spot...

... to scout for preditors...

... which can be clearly spotted from any direction.

That's why Mama can rest easy.

I don't know why more people haven't noticed this pair, but they're my favorite sign of Spring each year.

Once the babies hatch, Mama will shove them out of the nest and into the water, and that's the last I'll see of any of them until next year. A pair of Mallards usually show up about that time, and use the same location for their annual clutch.


LibertyChick said...

Lyric is beautiful, outside and in!

Stuck in AZ without architecture!

Miss you, and you are right, I never notice ducks in the water, just the tour boats.


Nancy said...

Smart Ducks and an observant person...a blessed sign of spring, indeed