Leslie's Omnibus


Remember that goofy cleric who declared that women who wear provocative clothing are causing the plethora of earthquakes recently?

Well, there's an answer to that, and it's... BOOBQUAKE!

I can't wear the most provocative things I own for work...

... but I can certainly post a photo here.

I got new batteries for my camera, so you know what I'm doing tomorrow. (And it's not like I haven't done something silly like this before...)

Anybody care to join me? If so, sign up here.

Oh, look! Peedee's in!

Holy smokes! The normally proper and demure Miss Nancy is in!

1 comment:

Nancy said...

Well, heck! This would be the only way my boobs would make the world move for anyone.... on my blog...hummmmmmmmm.....


hell, I'm running a fever and have bronchitis, I can always blame it on the fever...