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Thinking 'Bout Somethin'

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The explanation.

If I didn't have a blown tread with a Denver Boot, I'd be up and dancing to both of these! (They're happy-making.)

Legally speaking...

I don't understand A) the thought process of the idiot who hurt himself due to his own stupidity, B) the Court's line of thinking in awarding him him any judgment whatsoever, C) the defendant, who apparently thinks they did something wrong. Ah, Great Britain! What would be a frivolous lawsuit here is a money-maker there.

I do, on the other hand, understand this line of thinking.

Who needs Chatroulette when you can have KittehRoulette? (If there's a disturbance in the atmosphere, Old Crankypants' ghost just got the news.)

Synchronicity, Part I:

Eric Zorn notes that The Blagoviator is trying out the Jefferson defense, to which Zorn counters with the Chewbaca defense.

Down in the comments to that post, I offer up the Twinkie and Elf defenses, as well as the Carrie Underwood defense.

Then I visited I Can Has Cheezburger?:

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Synchronicity, Part II:

Jerry blogs about... well...

... and my best pal Mr. Bill sends me this:

I have a funny feeling the universe is laughing at me today.

If you didn't have a bathroom phobia before, you will after you read this. (Your welcome.)

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