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Desert Cat clearly gets Velociman... as this hilarious personal ad demonstrates. (And I thought I had a talent for writing those...)

If I'd have known Chicago had its own BaconFest, I'd have been there in a heartbeat. I've subscribed to the site, and I'll be there with fork in left hand, knife in right hand and bib around neck next year.

I want to be a judge for the Golden Rasher Awards when I grow up. They wouldn't even have to pay me. Hell... I'd pay them for the privilege.

And since I've now got bacon on the brain... "It's Friday! Let's Dance!" (C'mon, Great Reader! Join in!)

Other Friday dancing fools?

Billy Sweetfeets Gingersnap Norton is doing a little Tip-Toe Through the Tulips.

My Barstool Blog Son is letting Wet Willie put him in a Weekend state of mind.

Elisson has fired up the Little White Choon Box to go dancing with himself.

How about you?

Update: It pays to have friends in cultural places! I got tickets from one of the stage crew at the Chicago Civic Opera House to see Swan Lake by the American Ballet Theatre tonight:

Now that's dancing!

(Thanks a million, Junior!)

More Updates!

Fausta gives you literal and musical Great Balls of Fire.

Kerrcarto is jammin'.

Paul is exerting a little Industrial Discipline.

Oooo! Ramen! That's it. I have to move back into the city.

Spoon tender pot roast? (*whimpers "Mommy!"*)

I just love to make my BlogDaddy faint in shock. I agree completely with this. And I agree completely with this. And Miss Manners rules here.

Now somebody hand him the smelling salts...

If you're from the Dallas area (or even if you're not) and you're into social media of any kind, this convention looks like it could be pretty darned cool.

Giggle of the Day:

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Just so you know...

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Your head is filled with everything - grand ideas, insufferable worries, and a good deal of angst.



amarkonmywall said...

This post deserves one more good laugh: http://www.regretsy.com/2010/04/15/spongebob-jewpants/

love you!

Rave said...

The ABT!!!!!!! Love it. A friend of mine's daughter is a dancer for them...her name is Misty Copeland.
Although, she is not performing in Swan Lake that I know of!

LibertyChick said...

I love ABT!! Okay, I love any sort of culture - which we don't have here in AZ.