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From Barrie in AZ:

(I'm a realist. You?)

Greg du Toit is more than a little bit crazy... but he takes fantastic photos.

For those who think Sarah Palin should grow a thicker skin when it comes to the word "retard," I give you a Redneck Mommy who'd agree with her on that issue:


I had one of those weird convergences of thought where Amy Alkon popped up twice -- once with her sending my thoughts bouncing thither, and once with another post sending me bouncing back yon. You see, she wrote a post about an email a professor sent to a particularly irksome student, which led me to thinking about Crankylitprof , who regularly applies the cluebat with righteous weal, and just how much she'd have approved that post. Later, I found this series of delightfully passive-agressive pokes at cell phone users that I was sure would get Amy's approval. One of these days soon, after I whittle down the current load of reading materials on my nightstand and in my Kindle, I'm going to have to order her book.

More on vajazalling. Here's my question: Do you have to go commando and wear nothing but skirts or dresses if you emblingen the girlie bits? I mean... I'd hate to sacrifice a really nice pair of La Perla's to getting snagged on... ouch!!! It hurts to even think about it.

Why do I love El Cap? Because he's a poet and an artist, of course!

Giggle of the Day:

Funny Pictures of Cats With Captions
see more Lolcats and funny pictures

Great Reader must be weeping in his kimchee that a South Korean won gold in Vancouver, but I say to him, "It's Friday! Let's Dance!" Not to rub it in, but...

Who else is joining the dance party? Lessee..

Ellison is dancing with himself to the little white chune box.

Kerrcarto is Livin' a Dream.

Billy Sweetfeets Gingersnap is rockin' a frog song.

And my Barstool Blog Son is doing the World News Polka.

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