Leslie's Omnibus


This thoughtful and measured discussion of the immigration issue is just one in a thousand reasons why Rich Moran has a permanent spot on my blogroll.

Richmond sometimes makes me laugh so hard my sides hurt. Today is one of those days.

The Divine Miss Marilyn's swain is back from hiatus. Swell. Now she'll be pestering me to post her pictures again. (And she still hasn't learned the meaning of the word "no.")

I keep laughing too hard to aim right! You go and try Hairball Bowling and see if you can do it with a straight face.

(A tip of the cap to P'nut.)

Since Richmond has the gross guy parts story covered, I'll point you to Theresa for the female parts tale.

Leslie Spiller's sexual nickname:

"Pussy Cat"

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Damn straight, Skippy!

(A tip of theCap to McGehee. (Dude! Trouser Anaconda???))

Quote of the day: "Your Monkey Is Naked" Someone tell V-Man, okay?

I beg to differ with QT. A female dude is a "dudette," not a "dudine." Dudine???

This looks like something I might have made in my junior high Home Ec class. But my mother would have insisted I put a bra on under it. (And, no -- perky nipples aren't enough to detract from the plug-ugliness of that sack masquerading as a frock.)


Isaac Mizrahi clearly hates women.

Speaking of thoughtful and measured posts, Jim is back, and posting up a storm. You've been missed, big guy!


McGehee said...

(Dude! Trouser Anaconda???)

Hey, who am I to argue with the omniscience of a web-based quiz?

Harvey said...

157 on hairball bowling.

I finally discovered the strike zone in the 9th frame - 4 consecutive strikes! :-)