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A friend recently asked why I am so angry with Hilton Corporation. The soldiers described in this article are exactly the reason why. They and their wounded brethren are the ones who benefited so greatly from having a welcoming place to "come out" in society and be made to feel whole again by the wonderful folks at Fran O'Brien's. The soldiers that could only enter the restaurant via a service elevator, because the Capital Hilton wouldn't put in a handicapped entrance to the restaurant. The ones the Hilton claims it still wants to honor. The ones Mr. Kelleher only bothered to go out and greet once. The ones, on the other hand, that Fran's chef would prepare food specially for so they could eat a real steak dinner, even if it had to be pureed in order for them to eat.

Nope, I'm not a milblogger. But I am an American, and these guys are fighting for you and me. I have no use for a corporation that puts the cost of a handicapped exit over making a restaurant in their own hotel accessible to these heroes.

Hilton's latest "Be hospitable" ad campaign makes me want to put my foot through my television every time I see it. "Be hospitable?" My ass.

Keep the pressure on Hilton, okay?

(A tip of the cap to Mike at Presto Agitato.)


Richmond said...

I hope tht they beging to feel it in the pocket book...

Meanwhile, I had a chance to thank two guys for their service today while at lunch at the local chinese place. I wish that they hadn't been so surprised. It should happen more often...

Suzanne said...

I read through the links you had sent me before. I'll never stay at another Hilton!