Leslie's Omnibus


Okay, I'm ROTFLMAO at this:

Why, oh, why do I always get these, um, unusual results?

(A tip of the cap to Jay Solo.)

On the topic of flip-flops (funky or otherwise), Christina and the Head Yenta are of like minds. If you're smart, you won't mess with these women.

Lately, I keep finding posts that remind me that V-Man's monkeys are legion.

Look! Here's another one:


The Uncyclopedia has a heading for Ninja Pirate, but none for Baboon Pirates. Gross omission, don't you think?

And, no -- Baboon Pirates are not V-Man's monkeys sporting doo rags and eye patches.

I think.

At least I'm pretty sure.

Lawdy, Miz Clawdy! Don't tell Eric or K-Nine. One or t'other of them will show up at the next blodgmeet with Bugsy in tow. (Gucci or no Gucci.) Hillarity will ensue.


El Capitan said...

Nah, we don't hang with V-Man's apes no more. They keep trying to ply us with that horrible Artillery Punch so they can get us discombobulated and snag our nether cherries.

Richmond said...

Love the redneck signs!! :)

Christina said...

Coming from you, lady, that's high praise!!

; )

You can wear whatever you want around me, my friend.

Anonymous said...

... Bugsy, eh?... it looks like it bites...


amanuensis said...

I'm baby-sitting Bugsy for a few days. I plan to take him to a union meeting tonight so when the suits start talking, I can loose the squirrel on 'em.