Leslie's Omnibus


Quote of the day: "I gather a general lack of lips amongst the pigeonry means they can't just do a "ptoo!" and spit something out."

(A tip of the cap to El Capitan, who provided a badly-needed laugh today.)

Oh, no! The Uncyclopedia is doing its level best to keep up with the crap bloggers. I think the entry is sadly incomplete, however, without links to King of the Crap Bloggers -- Old Crankypants, as well as Ellison, Og, El Capitan, Dooce and Miz Thang. Sheesh!

Gee, thanks, Poppy. It's a wonder my retinas are still intact.

To those who've sent emails that I have not yet answered, give me a couple more days to get back to my old self. I'd rather respond when I'm not in as much of a funk.


Livey said...

Take your time hun. We'll still be here. Hugs.

Dana said...

I liked Poppy's video. I always dance...I'm just lucky it doesn't get captured on video...or I would look just like that guy.

He's a better dancer than I could dream of being!

og said...

And yo wanted to see ME naked? I would burn the retinas out of your ancestors heads.

Harvey said...

Feeling as I do about pigeons, I may go about feeding them pizza crusts on purpose :-)