Leslie's Omnibus


This has left me both tickled and bumfuzzled. The far left loons really don't get it, do they?


Kevin said...

Last time I checked, the far left loons were consensual adults, unlike the fine, upright GOP pedophile in FEMA.

Omnibus Driver said...

Ah! The GOP certainly wasn't planning on running him for office once his nasty proclivities were exposed. Certainly nobody in the GOP is condoning his actions. In fact, he's a pariah.

Now, in this other case, the proclivities might not be nasty... but they ARE downright odd. And my point is that even thinking for a minute that this guy might appeal to the moderate to conservative voters that the Democrats must reach in order to win is just not rational.

Quite frankly, I'm looking for a Democrat I could live with voting for... but if this is what the party thinks is a good candidate, I can't in good conscience vote blue.

Omnibus Driver said...

On the other hand, the idea of an honest politician has some appeal. It's the naked part that squicks me out.