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El Capitan did a 30-question meme-thingie about a week ago. Okay. I'll play:

1. Have you ever been searched by the cops?

2. Do you close your eyes on roller coaster?
Only sissies close their eyes on roller coasters. I LOVE roller coasters.

3. When's the last time you've been sledding?
Holy smokes! That has to be about 20 years ago, when my nephew was visiting me in New Hampshire. Guess I'll wax up the runners on the Flexible Flyer (and get a little more flexible my own self) and take TMBCITW sledding this coming winter. It's been entirely too long.

4. Would you rather sleep with someone else, or alone?
Aw, man! That's a tough question. If it's someone who likes to spoon, doesn't mind my cold feet and doesn't toss and turn a lot, then I guess I'd rather share sleeping space with someone else. If it's someone that doesn't meet any or all of the foregoing criteria, well... I'd rather sleep with The Divine Miss Marilyn.

5. Do you believe in ghosts?
I have a healthy skepticism of 'em, but that door's not entiredly closed.

6. Do you consider yourself creative?
I'm a blogger. 'Nuff said.

7. Do you think O.J. killed his wife?

8. Vince Vaughn or Brad Pitt? (Who cares about Jennifer Aniston or Angelina Jolie, really?)
Neither. Brian Dennehy. Now THERE's a sexy actor.

9. Can you honestly say you know ANYTHING about politics?
Enough to have me banging my head against the wall at the moment.

10. Do you know how to play poker?
Nope. I'm a lousy gambler. I have a marvelous poker face... but no poker skill.

11. Have you ever been awake for 48 hours straight?
Hasn't everybody?

12. What's your favorite commercial?
Current or classic? I grew up on commercials, and can still sing a zillion different jingles.

13. Who was your first love?
Billy McCluskey. We kissed in the laundry hamper playing Hide'n'Seek when we were 5 years old. We played house a LOT.

14. If you're driving in the middle of the night, and no one is around you, do you run a red light?
Absolutely not. See #10 above.

15. Do you have a secret that no one knows but you?
Just one?

16. Boston Red Sox or New York Yankees?
I'm originally a Beantown Betty. BoSox, of course!

17. Have you ever been Ice Skating?
Yes. I'm far less dangerous on blades than on wheels.

18. How often do you remember your dreams?
Less now that I've got the CPAP machine. I used to have dreams that lasted from the moment my eyes closed until half a second after I woke up. I never got much rest on those nights.

19. What's the one thing on your mind?
Right now? Finding a place to set down some roots. I've been living on shifting sands for too long.

20. Do you always wear your seat belt?
After breaking a steering wheel off the column with my chin and breastbone when I was in college, I've been fanatical about wearing my seatbelt. I'm picky about my passengers wearing them, too.

21. What talent do you wish you had?
I wish I had a talent with numbers. Complex mathematics perplex me.

22. Do you like Sushi?

23. What do you wear to bed?
This quiz has to have been written by a man. A woman knows that the answer to that question can change in a flash, based entirely on circumstances.

24. Do you truly hate anyone?
No. I would rather not give anyone that much control over my emotions.

25. If you could sleep with one famous person, who would it be?
Who says I haven't already? (And don't ask. See #15 above. I have a strict "don't tell" policy.)

26. Do you know anyone in jail?
Not at the moment.

27. What food do you find disgusting?
Stewed okra. I just don't like slimey food.

28. Have you ever made fun of your friends behind their back?
No. I was made fun of a lot as a kid, and I've never forgotten how lousy that feels.

29. Have you ever been punched in the face?

30. Do you believe in angels and demons?
TMBCITW is three years old. I've seen both -- in the blink of an eye. That's solid enough evidence for me!


Teresa said...

Excellent Leslie. Love the poker face thing. *grin*

Maeve said...

MMMMMMM Brian Dennehey.