Leslie's Omnibus

Weekend Rambles

When my pal the Norwegian from the North Woods comes for a visit, it's always a cultural whirlwind.

  • Lunch at Jimmy's
  • Drive into the city and park in the West Loop
  • Walk from West Wacker Drive to East Wacker Drive and Michigan Avenue
  • Walk down 3 flights of stairs to riverwalk level
  • Attempt to take the Architectural Foundation 3 p.m. river tour
  • Are informed that the next tickets available are for 9:30 a.m. tomorrow
  • Walked back west along the river walk under the Michigan Avenue Bridge
  • Stumble across the McCormick Bridgehouse & Chicago River Museum
  • Develop buns of steel and thighs like Tina Turner by climbing to see all six levels of the bridgehouse museum, then climbing back down again
  • Cool drinks and fruit plate at O'Brien's Riverwalk Cafe
  • Up two flights of stairs to street level
  • Back east, cross the bridge north and down two flights of stairs to the Wendella boat dock
  • River and lakefront architectural tour
  • More buns/thighs workout -- up two flights of stairs, through the middle of the Wrigley Building towards Trump Tower, back down three flights of stairs
  • Take the Water Taxi to Chinatown (What a cool way to get there -- and cheap! $4/person to get from Michigan and the river to Chinatown. It would probably be close to $40 by taxi!)
  • Dinner at Lao Shanghai (Try the most excellent... everything. There isn't a bad choice on the menu.)
  • Red Line train to State & Lake
  • Shorter than usual forced march to the parking lot
  • Crazy GPS-directed trip home (if there was a long way to be found, it found it)
I love being a tourist in my own back yard-- especially with a good friend who is undaunted by my singular ability to drag him from pillar to post and back again.


Da Goddess said...

When you gonna come see me?

Judy and Don said...

Can we be your tourist friends our next trip to Chicago? What an incredible week-end!

Mike said...

I haven't seen Miss Turner in a few years, but I'm pretty sure my buns and thighs look nothing like hers!

Omnibabe said...

Joanie -- As soon as I can, I promise!

Judy and Don -- Any time, as you well know. I MISS you!

Mike -- Classy, deflecting notice that my own are not so small... but I'm working on it.

Mike said...

And I look lousy in a skirt. Don't ask me how I know that.

Omnibabe said...

If AD can rock a kilt, so can you.

Come on. Fess up!

Anonymous said...

Gosh, I miss walking!

You missed the beautiful and historic Tribune Tower, where they have stones and bricks and rocks from other countries?!