Leslie's Omnibus


Dear people like this lady who simply must end it right now and hurl themselves headlong in front of a train...

... please wait until after rush hour and find yourself a nice freight train. It's not fair to the poor Metra engineers and conductors and the gazillion commuters at the train stops in the morning to screw them up emotionally and make them late for work.

Callous? That's three Metra-cides and one stupid jerk who was late for a meeting and decided to ignore the flashing lights and lowered barrier in six weeks on my train line alone. You betcha I'm getting more than a little callous about this.


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diamond dave said...

Y'know, if you're committed to offing yourself, go right ahead. Just don't inconvenience, or mess up, anyone else's lives in the process. That just makes your actions even more selfish and self centered, and seriously puts a damper on any sympathy I might have for you. Yes, sometimes I can be callous too.