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Everything that's wrong with the Catholic church today can be summed up by the fact that this pervert has not yet been defrocked:
A Roman Catholic priest who pleaded guilty Wednesday to sexually assaulting a young west suburban boy had his ordination delayed twice over concerns by Joliet diocesan officials that he had a sexually abusive childhood and viewed male pornography, prosecutors said in court....

Flores, 37, a native of Bolivia, started abusing the boy over a five-year period in 2005 after befriending members of his family, who were parishioners at St. Mary Catholic Church in West Chicago. Flores was posted there as a seminarian and deacon while working toward ordination.

Assistant State's Attorney Deb Bree said Flores' crimes took place during the time church officials were deciding whether to elevate him to the priesthood.

Yes, the powers that be in the church made a mistake in ordaining him, but they've compounded the damage by not stripping him of his priesthood once they knew he was supremely unfit.

Don't be surprised if they find a parish for him when he's finally deported back to Bolivia.


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