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Since we're spending millions of dollars on a handful of kids in a program just like this this year, I'll be interested to see the results of this study on the efficacy violence prevention programs.

Call me a cock-eyed optimist, but I really hope this particular program is measurably successful.

If not, I can think of a ton of other places where we could spend the money. But it would be really, really nice if this worked. Too many dead kids this year.

Now THIS would be a hell of an excuse to miss a few extra days of work, and it would be quite comical to be a fly on the wall when the boss gets the news...

What's My Reading Pet Peeve?

My number one biggie these days is that publishers are making paperbacks a little wider, a lot longer and way heavier than they used to, and charging a premium of at least $2 more per book for something that's unnecessarily weighty, difficult to read because the spine isn't as bendy, and provides no more real content than any other paperback by the same author.

Just saying...

Well, DUH! But it won't happen...

Thought for the Day:

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JihadGene said...

Be it Ferrets or kids...same thing.