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... but they all missed this, which made my head explode this morning:
President Obama invoked the Fort Hood shootings in an emotional appeal to Democrats to pass health care reform today, contrasting the sacrifices of soldiers with political positioning.

The impassioned pitch to the entire Democratic caucus came hours before the House vote tonight on the signature issue of Obama’s presidency, with Democratic leaders struggling to keep members from conservative districts on board.

“He was absolutely inspiring. In a very moving way, he reminded us what sacrifice really is,” said New Jersey Rep. Rob Andrews, estimating the persuader-in-chief turned several votes.

“Sacrifice is not casting a vote that might lose an election for you; it is the sacrifice that someone makes when they wear the uniform of this country and that unfortunately a number of people made this week,” said Andrews.

“It made a lot of people feel a little less sorry for themselves about their political problems,” he added. “This is an emotional time for a lot of our folks politically, but this is politics and I think he correctly pointed out what’s a heck of a lot more important.
The Chicken-in-Chief can't be bothered to get his ass down to Fort Hood to show one iota of compassion for the dead, the wounded or their families and fellow soldiers, but he can invoke them for his own political purposes???

I. Am. Outraged.


El Capitan said...

Did you see Megan McArdle's quote about Obama?

"If this guy's skin was any thinner, he'd have a reservoir tip on the top of his head!"

That's a drink-spew quote, right there!

Omnibabe said...

Sorry, but I'm no longer able to laugh about the pompous sunnuvabitch. When your president's moral compass has spun so long and so hard that the arrow popped off, you know you're in trouble... and we're chin-deep in it now.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Les - you're venting made me feel a little better about this elite jerk! I had to write him to say that the 46% that did not vote for him didn't appreciate his tea party, anti government extremist comments... okay, and to say that he is small-minded and insecure... but since I'm already on the watch list, I feel liberated to say it! While we still narrowly have free speach. :)

Miss you,

Kevin said...
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Joanie said...

okay, the one good thing about having my head so far up my own ass is that I'm not irritated to kingdom come by the ass who's the head of the country right now.

Of course, I still do...

Your comment says all I'd like to say in a way I can't even articulate right now. Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Hmm... comment deleted. Note for future reference: do not mix reality with delusion. Got it.

Omnibabe said...

Sorry, Kevin -- I don't crap all over your comments; you don't get to crap all over mine. You've got your own blog. Post the video there.