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For Zonker and JihadGene:

(You know you love it!)

Want to know who to blame for the Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac debacle? Just ask LawDog.


The Advice Goddess is on a tear about assholes who are clearly not disabled abusing disabled parking.

There's a guy who does just that every day right next to my train station. Tomorrow I get out the camera phone and take a movie of him parking and sauntering off. Then I'm calling the cop shop, which is right across the street. And I'll have the photographic evidence to back up my allegations. I've had it with this jerk.

(And, yes -- the fact that the Princess Mom couldn't go out unless she was in a wheelchair these last couple of months did bring home clearly how necessary those spaces are!)

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Anonymous said...

2007: Shake it like a Polaroid.

2008: Shake it like a postage stamp.

- zonker