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Many, many thanks to all who've dropped a note of well-wishing.

Friday I hit the 36-hours-after-the-accident mark that usually means I finally really feel the results of whatever I've done to myself (or had done to myself) lately. Oh, man, did I hurt, especially my back and neck!

However, I consumed massive doses of ibuprofen and spent the entire weekend communing with my brand new heating pad, and I'm feeling much better... but not nearly 100% yet.

My leg has turned shockingly lovely shades of purple, green and yellow. Looks like I stuck it in too many different Easter egg dye cups. Meh.

(And that's the good side.)

Anyhoo, I'm on the mend and planning to see my own doc this week, just to make sure all is healing up well and to make sure I haven't been done any long-term injury.

Note: The ER doc I talked to told me that they see at least one person who's been struck by a cab every day. Jesus, Mary, Joseph and the wee donkey, what's wrong with these people???

In another sign that the month of March 2008 sucks the biggest whazoo ever, I found out yesterday that one of my sister's college pals has been diagnosed with end stage AIDS and is entering hospice. I don't care how you feel about gay folks -- this is one terrible, terrible way to die.

Please keep Glen B. in your thoughts and prayers, okay?

Okay. I was ready to hear some good news for a change, and pleased as hell to see this. That reaffirms that good karma does come around eventually.

Headline of the Day:
"Drew Peterson prepares for possible arrest, blames media for 'sinister' portrayal"
Right. That guy has been aware of this...
"I am now dealing with the court of public opinion, which is filled with my jury pool," explained Peterson, who has hired a publicist.
... from Day 1, and has manipulated the media ever since.
He does, however, acknowledge that from the outside his behavior might be seen as peculiar and his jokes inappropriate.
Ya think???

What were they thinking???

A new twist on the Twinkie defense?

How do you ever live something like this down?

I wonder if she's met the cab driver who hit me?

Maybe father really does know best. And good for him.

I ran across the Six Word Meme at Republic of T, and it sounds like just my cuppa:
Write a memoir of your life in six words or fewer, mention your tagger, and tag six more people.
My memoir?

Oops. (I meant to do that.)

And, no. I'm not explaining.

I tag Joanie, Pammy, Elisson (and I expect it in Yiddish), Moonbeam McQueen and my BlogMama (who can probably do it in Latin, and definitely in legalese).


k said...

Good Lord. That leg looks terrible!

The ibuprofen and heating pad sound very good though.

Now: Are you going to sue the driver and his company for all they're worth?

At least, enough to pay for the heatign pad and ibuprofen and hospital copays?

I mean, come on. That much is only fair.

pamibe said...

Thank God you're all right! That looks like it HURT like holy heck.

Hope you quickly get to a place where you don't need ibuprofen. Healing vibes on their way!

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