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Bus Fumes

Clearly Governor Blago doesn't get it. Nor do any other members of our legislature, it seems. Hundreds of thousands of Chicagoans are going to be severely adversely affected by their inability to quit playing power games and taking care of the voting base for once.

No one can claim that the RTA's budgetary needs are a surprise. It's not like the organization just sprung up out of the ground overnight. One bailout in the form of robbing next year to pay for this year has already happened.

The folks are the RTA are right:
Regional Transportation Authority officials were more direct, saying they won't approve a short-term funding fix for the CTA, Metra and Pace that involves using transit subsidies from next year's budget to solve this year's budget woes.
This needs to be fixed right now, and with an eye to the future in not letting anything like this happen ever again with our public transportation services.

The boys and girls down in Springfield need to understand that the voters are watching all of them closely. We're watching who's actually trying to pry this thing out of the mud and put it back on the rails and those who are standing around just jawing about how awful everything is and how somebody ought to do something about it.

I predict big changes in the color of the voting in this state in our next election. Mark my words.

Big changes.


El Capitan said...

Does no one else but me see a problem with trying to fund present and future liabilities with income from casinos?? Wait until the next deep, dark recession, when no one's rolling the dice for fun.

Omnibabe said...

Oh, I see it all right. The politicians in this state are purely nuts. That's on the one hand. On the other, you just have to cross the Indiana, Wisconsin and Iowa state lines to find plenty of places to gamble. If people are going to do it anyway, the state of Illinois might as well profit from it, rather than seeing those revenues go into other states' coffers. I don't like it, but I'm pragmatic about it.