Leslie's Omnibus


Here's a three-fer:

You Follow Your Head

You're rational, collected, and logical.

Generally, it takes you quite a while to fall in love.

In fact, you've even been accused of being very picky.

While you're cool, you're not ice cold.

You just know what you want, and don't mind waiting to get it.

(Blame that one on LadyGunn.)

You Are 50% Passionate, 50% Compassionate

You possess an ideal balance of passion and compassion.

You definitely can get swept away and lose your head a little.

But you're rarely a fool for love!

You Are 77% Grown Up, 23% Kid

Congratulations, you are definitely quite emotionally mature.

Although you have your moments of moodiness, you're usually stable and level headed.

[At least before you've had a couple of cocktails, that is.]

Nice to know I'm so consistent.


keithurbanchic said...

Hi Leslie - I've pulled my head out of my ass for a minute to see what my old pals are up to. I LOVE your new look. Esp. the "Leslie" graphic at the bottom of each post with the colored boxes. Nice! Just wanted to let you know I'm still checking in from time to time.
Hugs! --Chai

Omnibabe said...

What a wonderful surprise! Hugs right back 'atcha.

I'll make sure Susie knows how much you liked her work, too!