Leslie's Omnibus

Traveling Companions

TMBCITW and The Divine Miss Marilyn become better pals every day.

(It's a tough life when your Godchild begs you to get out your camera and take a picture, please!)

On another note, The Divine Miss Marilyn is pestering the Dickens out of me to get her a bikini like this so that she can co-star in the next big Hollywood blockbuster with her favorite leading... cat.

She's always maintained that the Broccolis needed to resurrect the character of "Pussy Galore." Who better to fill the role?

For more animal goodness, go visit the Friday Ark, stop by eatstuff's weekend cat blogging, and take a stroll through the Carnival of the Cats at Niobium Sunday evening.


Eric Brooks said...

Aw. Too cute!

relvis said...

I love it those cats are great!
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