Leslie's Omnibus

Chartered Tour -- Austin, TX

Ready for Part II of the stuff the other folks missed in Austin? (Remember -- click on the pix to embiggen 'em.)

Being that it is Nancy of Nancy's Garden Spot who was our tour guide, gardens and plants figured highly in our tour.

Because Texas is hot and dry, many homes have lovely naturalized plantings featuring cacti and prairie flowers in order to conserve water.

You just don't see Century Plants like this in Chicago.

Our next stop was one of Nancy's favorite garden centers where we found...

... lots of pure...

... Texas...

... garden...

... kitsch!

They aren't kidding when they say everything is bigger in Texas. These windchimes are taller than I am!

The wind in the live oak trees reminded me of Don Williams singing "Good Old Boys Like Me".

Our lovely tour guide taking a well-deserved break. Doesn't she look happy?

Tomorrow, Part III -- the State Capital and the Trooper who threatened to arrest Livey!


Northwoods Woman said...

You got a pic of him too?!

Anonymous said...

Lovely, lovely photos. So glad to see you gals were interested in what all Texas has to offer!

; )

Anonymous said...

COOL pics and pic-taking! Next time we will have to talk more!


Anonymous said...

great pics gurlfry. ima dyin so i'm slow on the roll, but i was glad to see you today. and seriously grateful that you came so i could steal away some chat time with you. always good to hang with ya leslie. see ya round the sphere.

Anonymous said...

Great pics! I've only been to Austin once for about a day, and I'd love to go again. Is it as beautiful as they say it is?

I lived in Houston for about a year way back when, and I'm with you. Things really are bigger in Texas. And how about all of the name-an-items shaped in the state of Texas? LOL I bought a friend of mine a pair of shades, the lenses of which were a tacky shade of pink and shaped like Texas! I even a saw a tombstone in the shape of Texas. When was the last time you've seen anything shaped like Illinois that wasn't some sort of tag or license?