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We had a big storm here in Chicago last night. Usually I can sleep through anything, but these thunder-boomers were so loud it was like having someone whomp on a bass drum right next to my ear.

Now, I might just have slept throught he smaller boomers (boomlettes?) in between the big boogers, but Marilyn decided that if she was going to be awakened by them, so was I. Just as I'd finally be falling back to sleep, I'd feel a pat, pat, pat on my face. Push her away. Try to go back to sleep.

Pat, pat, pat. "Eee?"

"Marilyn, go to sleep."

Pat, pat, pat. Scratch at the blankets. "Eee?"

Roll over. Lift the covers and shove her under. Brush the tip of her tail away from my nose two or three or four times. Go back to sleep.

"Eee?" Pat, pat, pat. Scratch, scratch, scratch. "Eee?"

All night long.

I love my cat, okay? But it gave me great pleasure to bounce out of bed when the alarm went off this morning, knowing she'd glaring at me for making her move out of her warm bed.

"You know what, Marilyn? Eee, yourself."

Yep. I said it. It felt good, too.

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