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Do you ever wonder whether the Hypocrite-in-Chief is functionally tone deaf or willfully so? Wonder no more, as the same guy who said this:
Speaking to enthusiastic supporters at a fund-raiser here, President Obama on Thursday evening presented his clearest plan yet to move forward with comprehensive health care legislation, saying that he wanted to meet with Democrats, Republicans and independent experts, lay out the facts for the American people and then, he said, “I think that we have got to move forward on a vote.”

“What I’d like to do is have a meeting whereby I am sitting with the Republicans, sitting with the Democrats, sitting with health care experts and let’s just go through these bills,” Mr. Obama said. “Their ideas, our ideas. Let’s walk through them in a methodical way, so that the American people can see and compare what makes the most sense. And then I think that we have got to move forward on a vote. We have got to move forward on a vote.”

He continued, “That’s why I think it’s very important for us to have a methodical, open process over the next several weeks, and then let’s go ahead and make a decision. And it may be that if Congress decides, if Congress decides we’re not going to do it, even after all the facts are laid out, all the options are clear, then the American people can make a judgment as to whether this Congress has done the right thing for them or not. And that’s how democracy works, and there will be elections coming up and they will be able to make a determination and register their concerns one way or another during election time.
... turns around and says this:
"You know what I think would actually make a difference, Michael? I think if everybody here -- excuse all the members of the press who are here -- if everybody here turned off your CNN, your Fox, your blogs," Obama said, before being interrupted by Sen. Barbara Boxer, D-CA, who piped up, "And MSNBC!"
... and this:
"We've got to, I think, get out of the echo chamber. That was a mistake that I think I made last year - was just not getting out of here enough. And it's helpful when you do."

Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-NV, who is not much of a fan of political TV (he's actually a movie buff) and is, himself, perhaps the most endangered Democrat in this 2010 midterm election, apparently liked what he heard. Smiling broadly out at his Democratic Caucus, Reid joked, "Mr. President, you've told me -- suggested -- don't pay any attention to the blogs, don't listen to talk radio, don't watch cable TV. And I follow that advice pretty good."
Yep. It's official: he's willfully deaf.

If he really wanted to get out of the echo chamber, he'd do nothing but pay attention to people who choose to differ with him. Instead, he once again demonstrates that he doesn't give a flying fig what the American public thinks, and doesn't want to know until after Congress has acted and we're stuck with the consequences. In fact, I'm pretty sure that instead of an echo chamber, he's got a cone of silence.

He knows better than us. He tell us that repeatedly.

We're not allowed to have a voice until the next election? How's that working for you?


My friend Mikey is having a bad day. I know the feeling. And I'm thinking may be the Tea Party ought to adopt that video for its anthem.

In Illinois political news, both Donk and GOP candidates are ducking news about questionable behavior and/or questionable connections.

It's never a dull moment around here, and it's also no wonder there's so much voter apathy. You can't throw a rock without hitting a dirty politician in this state.


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